Coronavirus (COVID-19): effects on application or stay

‚ÄčThe corona crisis affects the way the IND (Immigration an Naturalisation Service) works. And perhaps also your personal situation. This may have consequences for your application or stay in the Netherlands. On this page you can find the latest information about these consequences. 

Please note: the current coronavirus measures do not affect appointments made at an IND desk. Do you already have an appointment at an IND desk? It will go ahead as planned. You can also still make an appointment. Interviews with asylum seekers will also go ahead as planned.

Frequently asked questions about the effects of the coronavirus

Below you can find answers to important questions about the consequences for your application or stay in the Netherlands. Those answers may change if the situation surrounding the coronavirus changes. It is possible that you receive a letter containing different information. Always follow the latest information that you read on this page. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

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