Salary criterion highly skilled migrant 2022

A highly skilled migrant (also called a knowledge migrant or kennismigrant) is defined by age and salary. The salary criterion for a highly skilled migrant aged 30 and older is €4,840 gross per month in 2022, and €3,549 for younger than 30 years. ( Amounts as of January 1, 2022)

There are different salary requirements for highly skilled migrants. The amounts are all exclusive of the holiday allowance to which the employee is entitled: Highly skilled migrants under the age of 30: € 3,549 (in 2021: € 3,484). Highly skilled migrants from the age of 30: € 4,840 (in 2021: € 4,752)

Highly skilled migrants who start working in the Netherlands within three years after completing an approved bachelor’s, master’s or postgraduate course € 2,543 (in 2021: € 2,497) Highly skilled migrants with a blue card € 5,670 (in 2021: € 5,567)

If you need assistence in relocating as highly skilled professionals or as a company who wants to hire international employees and bring them to the Netherlands, please give us a call. 

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