Employment solutions

Employment Solutions for Expats

Have you found an employer or project in the Netherlands? And you or your employer need a recognized sponsor for employment?

Expats can service with required sponsored employment:

  • Application for work and residence permit (also for family members)
  • Offering 100% compliant employment conditions
  • Timely and guaranteed salary payments
  • Application of 30% Tax ruling
  • Register with the local municipality, assistance with obtaining BSN (Dutch civil service number)
  • Assistance with opening a Dutch bank account
  • Assistance with applying for Dutch (private) health insurance

If you want more information about the service and process, please reach out to our team, we will be happy to have a chat with you!


Scala Engineer

“They do really good justice to their core values, personally assistance and taxi service when collecting our permit cards.“


DevOps engineer

“ExpatsToday helped me and my family with a smooth setup in the Netherlands.“

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